Thursday, March 31, 2011

Escape From the Rest Home, Part Ia

I just realized after my part II post that I never posted about the local Realtor lady adventure!!!

O.M.G. Let me tell you a tale.

The week after Escape Part I, I showed up for our weekly weekend lunch and asked if he'd found any homes in the paper that he'd like to look at. The Topeka paper didn't have anything he wanted to see. We did lunch and then he indicated he wanted to cruise around my little town and see what houses had for sale signs. No problem. I had the local paper with me and we cruised up and down the streets and I compared what we saw with the info in the paper. Ended up with four houses he wanted to see.

He asked me when I would be available to take him to see those houses. I replied that it was a Realtor's job to show him those houses and if he was so sure he could live independently, he could certainly call the Realtor, and have the Realtor pick him up and show him houses. Which he did. I informed the staff at Shady Pines that this was being done with my blessing and they agreed it was a good reality check. After his Adventure in Real Estate was concluded, he called me to inform me that he'd made an offer on one of the houses and I needed to call the Realtor and give her my fax number so she could fax him some documents to sign.

The next day I called the Realtor full expecting i would have to fight some money-grubbing entity that was salivating over the thought of a nice commission in a lousy market. Oh Ye of little faith. Slipping back into my Los Angeles state-of-mind. What I got on the phone was another nice slice of Kansas. People who care. People who don't look the other way and say, it's not my business. People who every single day make me so glad I moved to Kansas.

Her first question was, "You're not really considering letting him do this, are you?" which segued into "I have serious reservations about his abilities to live alone." I said no, I wasn't, but that he was insistent that he was capable of this and f he proved he was, I would have no argument against it. She went on to detail how from the moment she saw him, she knew this was not a viable client. She had not submitted any offers to any sellers as she could not believe it would come to pass.

She continued to say that she really grilled him about his capabilities and couldn't believe he didn't have family to assist him, at which point he admitted to a daughter in the area. Relieved, she pushed no further as she could see he was getting agitated. She related that she too had a mother that was growing incapacitated and understood what I was going through.

So there are many people who tread the same path I do. What I want to know, is why am I walking this path for a man who mercilessly beat his wife and children to the point where they each left him several decades ago?

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