Sunday, September 06, 2009

AVG Sux!!!!

AVG sux seriously. What good is an anti-virus that identifies a threat but does nothing about it? No good, that's what I say.

Seems I can only go a few years with an anti-virus product before I have to switch to something else due to it not performing as advertised. In my history as an IT person, that means I've been through Norton (back when all it was was an anti-virus); McAfee (back when all it was was an anti-virus); and most recently AVG (started back when all it was was an anti-virus).

Some website deposited three nasties on my laptop last week. The scheduled scan of AVG did not idetify any of these bad-a$$ exe's. Resident shield identified the three but took no action even though auto heal/delete was enabled. The only reason I knew of the invasion was my firewall was prompting to allow internet access for a program I did not recognize.

Is there anything out there that works anymore? I don't need link scanning, safe-surfing, or any of that other bullshit. I want a program that does one thing (check for viruses) and does that one thing very, very well.