Saturday, May 19, 2007

For some bizarre reason...

...I decided to poke around the Help section of Blogger. I, who prides herself on her grammar and punctuation skills, am apparently a repeat offender in the category of criminal overuse of the ellipsis:

I can also spot an overuse of the ellipsis at 50 paces. There are two reasons to use an ellipsis (and neither one is because you don't want to write a transition): Use an ellipsis to indicate words omitted from a direct quote or to trail off intriguingly. If neither of these are your intention, try a period. Dot. Full stop. Terminal punctuation can be your friend.)

So I consider my self suitably chastised. I will go forth and sin no more...maybe.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Laptop good

I just love sitting on my deck with the laptop and the dogs. I hardly ever spend any time on my desktop anymore. It's just become one great big network storage drive.

Now that all the bitter cold weather is past, Kansas is starting to green up. I'm looking forward to seeing what plants recover and mourning the ones that don't. I think most of the roses are toast...