Saturday, January 03, 2009

Smokers Unite: Hit Manhattan Where It Hurts

I lunched at Bob's today. As I ate I was eavesdropping on the old men at the table next to me. Of course the topic was the impending smoking ban (...vaguely reminiscent of the Third Reich's policies). One of them pointed out the hypocrisy of banning a product, any product, yet permitting the sale of the banned product. Oh yeah, wouldn't want to pass up all that sales tax money.

So here's how smokers can fight back. Don't buy your cigarettes in Manhattan. Slip over the county line and buy them there---and I mean far enough over the county line that you aren't in one of their sneaky little extended tax districts. Don't let your tax dallars go to a municipality that takes your money but forbids use of the product you purchased.

Also, I am now accepting contributions to the Smoker's Defense Fund. I have a really good civil rights attorney and he grows bored waiting for me to get into trouble again. I don't think he'll be waiting long...