Thursday, June 23, 2005

$hit I just gotta read...

Well shit. I was trying to add a list of blogs I frequent to one of the pre-placed fields in my profile, like interests or whatever. Well, they don't really have a 'whatever' category but you get my drift, don't you? Not happening. I guess I don't spend enough time here to know that all entering data in profile fields gets you is links to other profiles that reference the same exact text. Go figure. So here's my list of shit I gotta read, if not on a daily at least a weekly basis. Dig in folks as of 6-23-2005: (link check 3-3-09)

Will Burnham gone by the wayside
Heather Armstrong aka dooce she's become a money-maker
Anonymous Lawyer gone by the wayside (pretty still there but no new posts)
Lewesrat ???
Gunnella Thorgeirs - ???
Exploding Dog still going strong
Passion Knit by Plaza Jen moved here >>> PlazaJen’s Blog
Ann Fisher - Journal gone by the wayside
Ann Fisher - Illustrated Journal (way cool concept!) gone by the wayside
Women, Fire & Dangerous Things gone by the wayside

There's others, I'll add them to this list in time.