Sunday, November 16, 2008

Democrats in Kansas?

Sort of an endangered species in these parts. Well, maybe not. That implies they were there to begin with and are slowly disappearing which is clearly not the case.

The ballot I voted on this past election was really, really sad if you look at it from a balance point of view. In so many local offices, the elephant candidates ran unopposed. There were no donkeys to run against them? Is that a decision where the party at large doesn't want to spend the money to support a candidate for such a small office or is there merely a lack of candidates?

I guess finding the answers to these questions would require getting off my lazy ass (read---trying to find some time in an already over-booked life) and meeting other donkeys to find out what the story is...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Did someone say I'm incoherent?

You bet your ass I am. How can Kansans vote the way they vote? What can they possibly be thinking?

I realize that people have a tendency to surround themselves with people like themselves, but really. What the people surrounding me have said and what actually went down at the polls has me scratching my head. Did the people I spoke with say one thing yet do another? Did the people I spoke with pull a Floridian and not understand how to operate a ballot? Did the people I spoke with not actually go to the polls and vote?

By dint of the small population in Kansas, they had no effect on the country at large, but the havoc they wreaked in Kansas will echo for at least another two years.

I was pleased to see that the apathy generation* turned out well and I hope you know you made all the difference in the world on a national level. Please, keep coming back. Only you can make it better.

*The ones that were "...waiting, waiting on the world to change." That song has always pissed me off. Too bad it's got such a catchy hook.